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What is the purpose of the Foundation?
The purpose of the Officer Liquori Tate Memorial Foundation is to improve the relationship of police officers and the communities they serve.


Why is this necessary?
Today more than ever before, police officers are viewed by many citizens in our communities as the opposition – not the protectors that they have been sworn to be.  A number of people have lost site of the fact that police officers put their lives on the line to serve us every day that they go to work, doing a job that very often places them in jeopardy and harm’s way. The respect that police officers once were shown has morphed into fear and contempt.  

While it is factual that there have been several incidences where the authority of police officers has appeared to be abused and abusive – even fatal in some instances -   for the most part, law enforcement officers still endeavor to uphold the law, fight crime, protect, and assist the communities that they serve.  The occurrences of exploitation of power have globally demolished the intended relationship between citizens and law enforcement, and restoration is desperately needed in society today.


What does the Foundation propose to do?
           The Officer Liquori Tate Memorial Foundation proposes to help restore the relationship between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve by providing programs that bring the two entities together in diplomatic situations which will allow them to communicate in a nonviolent setting.  We will offer projects which will help to educate the entire community – particularly youth and young adults – about the proper responses and decorum to exercise when dealing with law enforcement officers in an official capacity; and we will make available events that will encourage socialization and communication among police officers and citizens so that they can get to know and understand each other in an approachable manner.


What does the Foundation expect to accomplish?
      The Officer Liquori Tate Memorial Foundation expects, through its efforts and programs, to see a renewed connection between law enforcement and the citizens they protect.  We expect to see the lines of communication reestablished, particularly between police officers and youth/young adults, thereby resulting in a reduction in arrests, crime, and incidences of alleged brutality.  We expect to see our communities restored to true neighborhoods where people look out for each other and depend on law enforcement to help them to keep their areas safe.  We expect to see the fear and disrespect now associated with police officers to be restored to feelings reverence, admiration, and trust.  We expect to see the practice of stereotyping among police officers become obsolete.  But we can’t do this alone.  We need the help and support of the entire community and state to accomplish these goals.  

The Officer Liquori Tate Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  All gifts are tax deductible.

Planned activities of The Officer Liquori Tate Memorial Foundation

We will encourage and nurture positive relations among Police Officers and Communities. We will improve the relationships between Police Officers and Communities by working along with law enforcement other organizations, churches and schools. We will encourage and support the involvement of police officers interacting with the Communities through the education system, sporting activities and events, community service activities, fund raising events, children activities and events, service awards for officers, criminal justice scholarships, along with other programs and activities we will create and implement.


Funding uses

Sponsor little league teams with Officers as Coaches.
Sponsor fishing trips/rodeos for Families and Officers.
Sponsor Basketball, teams and events involving Officers and Families.
Sponsor educational activities.
Establish Criminal Justice Scholarships for High School graduates.
Create PSAs/Videos showing the different roles in the everyday life of a Police Officer.

Support other organizations, schools, churches and individual efforts that encourage, promote and nurture positive relations among Police Officers and Communities.

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