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Behind the Badge

About Officer Liquori Tate

Who was Officer Liquori Tate?
Officer Liquori Tate was a young man who LOVED serving as a police officer in the City of Hattiesburg.  As a young child, he enjoyed playing with police cars and dreamed of becoming an officer one day. Liquori, an alumnus of Southwest Mississippi Community College, worked for Auto Zone and O’Reilly Auto Parts, but the dream never left him. He decided to pursue his life-long ambition, and in February, 2014 he entered the Hattiesburg Police Academy.  He was sworn in as an officer in June, 2014, and less than a year later on May 9, 2015 during a routine traffic stop, Officer Liquori Tate, along with fellow officer Benjamin Deen, was shot and killed.

People that knew Officer Liquori:


This is the original letter


This is what I knew, I just now seen it written in words but I knew there wasn't a soul that Liquori Tate pulled

over that didn't feel that warm spirit he always had. I still miss you my friend but your memories aren't gone.

The lives you touched and the lives you helped.


June 11, 2015

Many of you read my letter to the Hattiesburg police officer who pulled me over, just a week before the two Hattiesburg officers were tragically shot and killed. At that time, I couldn’t find my ticket, and did not know who the officer was. This morning, my parents found my citation ticket in my car, and brought it to me at work. I looked at the bottom of the ticket and started shaking. My letter was written too late. Officer Liquori Tate will never get to read it. A week after he pulled me over that night, he went to be with our Lord. So now, I direct this letter to his sweet family. Your son showed me nothing but kindness and compassion when he pulled me over. He was moved by my tears and sought to reassure me and wish me a good night. I could tell by his manner that he respected me and wanted the best for me. He had such a kindness about him. I am crying as I write this. He was only 3 years older than me, yet he was doing so much more than me. So often, I live my life selfishly, but he lived his so unselfishly. There aren’t words I can say to describe how this has changed my life, but I want you to know that he did change my life. And is still changing it. Every time I see a police officer, I will think of him and his sacrifice. I find joy in the fact that in every interview I have seen, you have talked about his strong faith in Jesus. In fact, I am wiping my tears now, because I know that one day, I actually will get to thank him. In a place where we both will be in the presence of God, and tears and pain will all be swept
away. What a beautiful testimony your family is to the goodness of God, even in hard times. I will continue to pray for you and this community, and I hope this new post further drives home the need for all of us to support our local heroes.


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